Question by  Cilindiary (27)

What do I need to know about distributing exponents with fractions?


Answer by  Mathmeteachin (192)

When distributing exponents to fractions, you must remember to apply the exponent to both the numerator and denominator. For example two-thirds raised to the fourth power is 2x2x2x2 divided by 3x3x3x3 or sixteen divided by eighty-one and then as required simplify your fraction.


Answer by  VB (361)

If you have a fraction raised to a power, then you can break it up as the numerator raised to the power divided by the denominator raised to the power.


Answer by  melissa89 (38)

When you distribute exponents with fractions, you have to calculate the exponent for both the numerator and denominator. For example, 2/3 squared is 4/9. Exponents is the first operation in the order of operations.


Answer by  dovie6 (65)

Just take your time and break it down. To distribute exponents with fractions you use the exponent on the numerator and denominator separately. For example if you have 2/3 to the 4th power you would put 2 to the fourth power over 3 to the fourth power. Work out the powers individually top then bottom.

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