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Question by  foodqueen (48)

How do you teach fractions using a circle?

I am a first year teacher.


Answer by  steve1235 (138)

The easiest way is to think of the circle as a pizza or a pie. Then it becomes quite easy to demonstrate what one half of a pizza is, or what one third of a pie looks like, for example.


Answer by  kontrastking (12)

Take the fraction you are trying to demonstrate to someone. Using the denominator, assuming the denominator is greater than 0, cut the circle into equal slices with the number of slices equal to the denominator. Then, color in as many slices in the circle as the numerator. Show this to your students.


Answer by  Chris1344 (5)

Split the circle into pieces (like a pie or pizza) and then utilize "parts of a whole." For example, 1/8 of the pie.


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

From the circles' center: draw a vertical line through it: 1/2. Draw a line evenly dividing the open areas: 1/4. Repeat until you can't discern the lines, or your students get bored. Maybe challenge them to do better?


Answer by  aviator (69)

I would give each child a picture of a circle and see if they can draw a line that cuts it into 2 equal pieces (halves). Have them do the same with another circle to show 4 pieces (quarters). Then thirds. Then label pieces, cut circles and have them experiment.

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