Question by  acornwell82 (32)

What do I do if my dog isolates himself?


Answer by  draiman1515 (156)

You should go to the area, try to play with the dog as much as possible and definitely give as much attention as you can! Also check the area for any favorite items, such as toys or blankets. Try moving them to another area where you are.


Answer by  rathnakarsundaresan (5)

Dogs generally plays a role of a trusted friend. Nothing new to mention about loyalty. This case might have many reasons but it will always turn to one answer YOU HAVE ISOLATED YOURSELF FROM YOUR DOG. Yes!! Shocking but true!! just check his normal daily routine.... spend some EXTRA-time with him.


Answer by  Jewelianne (0)

Dogs are highly sensitive and change their behavior according to their environment. Is there stress in the house? They may isolate themselves or shy away and become quiet feeling insecure. In this situation follow #1's answer and play and spend a lot of time reassuring your pet and de-stress yourself.

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