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Question by  Marvelmomma (124)

What could cause upper leg numbness?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Upper leg numbness can be from a pinched nerve or spine disorder. It could also be a symptom of multiple sclerosis. A doctor should definately diagnose such a condition as this.Leg numbness can also be a diabetic symptom or effect of alcohalism, leprosy or many other serious conditions. Your doctor has the tests to determine any of these conditions.


Answer by  worker259794 (46)

Some upper leg numbness can be caused by sciatica pain. One of the sciatic nerves can get pinched off causing numbness and tingling down the leg all the way to the toes.


Answer by  henners (568)

Upper leg numbness can be caused by a number of different things. It could be the result of a pinched nerve or a sign of poor circulation. Even poor fitting shoes or pants that are too tight might result in a loss of feeling.


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

Sitting or reclining in one position for too long can cause leg numbness. Chronic upper leg numbness could indicate a blood clot or another condition that requires medical attention.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There are many medications on the market that cause upper leg numbness. Medications that control cholestrol are some. Read your printout from the pharmacist when purchasing the medication. Read under warnings or side effects. If this is an on going problem contact your physician and tell him how you feel.


Answer by  starmlw (960)

Any kind of numbness is caused by either lack of blood supply or nerve damage. Any numbness should be reported to your doctor. It could be a symptom of something more serious.


Answer by  mb (5482)

The most likely cause is an impingement of the sciatic nerve. This nerve originates from the bottom of the spinal cord and goes down both legs. It is easy to impinge and can cause pain and numbness.


Answer by  ammnivarghese (262)

It can be paralysis, ie, no nerves are working and no blood circulation properly. Immediate remedy to show the ortho. doctor, he will diagonise it. Also, during the winter and the heavy rain periods, numbness can take place too, specially among the old people. Always keep warm, ie is the Best advise, to cure.


Answer by  abhijit (22)

usually its disorder of the spine. particularly saying when the nerve through the spine gets congested it happens. the symptoms are back pain, pain trying to stretch your legs.

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