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Question by  mhms (24)

What could cause pain in both sides by my ovaries?


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

There are several things that could be causing this. The main things that come to mind are endometriosis and/or cysts. If you are concerned ask your doctor for an ultrasound. These are common problems that many women have, but go ignored because they are hard to diagnose. It can be very painful but needs medical attention.


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

There could be many causes of pain. You could have ovarian cysts, cancer, or something else. You need to see a doctor to really find out.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

Cysts, especially when they rupture can cause pain in the ovaries. Swelled ovaries, which can occur near ovulation can also cause similar pain. Also, sometimes gas builds up in the area and can be painful near the ovaries. If the pain is severe, contact your healthcare provider.


Answer by  grandmawhocares (83)

The first thing I would say is ovarian cysts, or a cyst in the abdominal cavity, constipation, or even pain may be caused from uterine cramping.

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