Question by  deana (28)

What could be causing stripes on my computer screen?


Answer by  Anonymous

Make sure your monitor plug is securely inserted. This happened to me once when I moved my computer, I was just about to buy a new monitor when a friend suggested I check the plug first. Sure enough, I only needed to push the plug in properly.


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

Your monitor is probably getting old. Best go out and get a new one before this one konks out altogether. It can happen in a flash, and then you are without a computer!


Answer by  lazlong (51)

Vertical stripes of color on a screen is usually a result of bad video memory. If it is an LCD and the lines are thin white or black lines then it is usually a bad solder joint on the LCD board that causes a row of pixels to not display.


Answer by  anil (62)

If any problem occurs in video drivers then stripes will appear on your monitor. The another reason is if the video card is dying then also the stripes occur on you screen.

Reply by ruination (32):
I love how we talk about electronics "dying." Shouldn't these things just work or not work? What is this in-between state?  add a comment

Answer by  Ervin (95)

Strips on a monitor display are normally caused by either having a video screen out of sync (adjusted Hz and refresh rate), or a failing video card. On a Windows PC, try going into safe mode and resetting your settings to a default refresh rate or download the correct driver.


Answer by  Anonymous

all you think it has to do with the video card or monitor. IT DOESNT its a stupid spyware, restart pc! solved :D

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