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Question by  Emel (17)

What colors do you mix to get a dark coral shade?


Answer by  noosh (673)

To make dark coral you should start with orange, to make it dark you need to mix in a little brown, when you get your desired color stop adding brown.


Answer by  chipkens (32)

To get a dark coral shade, one should mix pink and charcoal and a deep orangish brown. Pink should be the primary color. You should use mostly warm hues. Dark coral is hard to get just right, but you can look at the deepest part of a sunset to get an idea.


Answer by  J86 (80)

I have no exact measurements, but I would say use a larger amount of bright red, orange in half the amount of the red, a touch of brick red, and then a further touch of white or black, depending whether or not it needs to be desaturated or darkened/lightened.


Answer by  annie52foof (1459)

To obtain a dark coral shade when you are painting, I would try mixing and orange shade with a touch of brown.


Answer by  worker7162 (166)

for getting a dark coral shade you need to mix brown and red color. if you need more darker add more brown, for brighter add more red, for lighter add white..

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