Question by  Pauli (43)

What causes blood in a cat's stool?


Answer by  jll (63)

Several things could be causing the blood to appear. It could be an infection, an injury or even a serious illness such as cancer. Take your cat to the vet immediately, as you won't be able to determine the cause yourself. Make sure to mention any other symptoms your cat may have to help with the diagnosis.


Answer by  a28 (212)

an animal whose stool differ from their normal stool may show differently. If the cat's stool has blood it means the cat has an infection or inner bleeding. Your cat must encounter some internal infection like tape worms in his intestine or the cat have eaten some rotten food that poisoned it


Answer by  shijo (861)

The presence of bright or fresh traces of blood in the stool is clinically termed as 'Hematochezia'. Such a medical condition is very common in pets, especially cats and dogs. However, it should not be confused with 'Melena, which is generally the excretion of tarry and dark stool. Thus an vet should treat your cat with drugs.


Answer by  Bobby73 (25)

Straining to deficate can rupture the blood vessels (capillaries) surronding the anus and cause bleeding. Sometimes, something the cat ate like chicken bones, can lacerate the G. I. tract.

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