Question by  mousie (11)

What causes a cadet to get security clearance denial?


Answer by  Mikel (37)

Common causes for denial of a security clearance are sever debt, records of financial malfeasance, a criminal record, and relatives in countries considered to be high risk. The people who you put on your clearance request form are also interviewed. Their judgment of your character is also taken into account. It is the total report that counts, no single thing.


Answer by  jargon (112)

Anything that can, potentially, be used as leverage to induce a cadet to betray a confidence. A criminal history, bad credit, excessive debt, questionable affiliations – especially with foreigners and nationalized citizens can be just cause for national security concerns. Background checks on parents and siblings could also be considered.


Answer by  AbbieThompson (175)

You can be denied a security clearance for many reasons. A few reasons are debt, criminal history, such as shoplifting or burglarly, or undisclosing information. Many things can be waived if you disclose the information as soon as possible. Hiding your history is an immediate denial.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

A cadet can get denied for high security clearance due to previous convictions that are considered serious to the military. Most of the time you are instructed on what you can and cannot receieve when you are in MEPS

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