Question by  rjprelude (20)

What can I expect a Marlin 336W's price to be?


Answer by  cecil (61)

You should be able to find a Marlin 336W for around $500 if you wish to purchase one that is new. If you do a little research you should be able to find one that is used and in good condition for much less.

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Walmart has it brand new for $367.00 + tax  add a comment

Answer by  EBW619 (34)

The Marlin 336W's expected retail price is around the $500 mark although it can be found cheaper if the product has been previously used. The Marlin 336W's price is considerable to its usage and is a good priced model when compared with other products of its nature that are currently in use.


Answer by  dweerts320 (85)

I would say around $250-$280 for a new one, if you can find one for less it would be a good buy. You might be able to find a used one for around $180-$200


Answer by  holycow06 (74)

On ebay, the prices of Marlin's start around 10 dollars and range anywhere from there to well over 500 dollars. However, the W can be found at Walmart, which would indicate a cheaper price. I would suggest you purchase a used one, as the only major difference is the stock.


Answer by  Tamiera (19)

The 336W is created for the serious elk and deer hunters with a 6 shot capacity, in 30/30 win. A 336W can range in price starting as low as $250 - $300; and depending on the features, the prices can range from $380 - $500.


Answer by  mrsshelast (899)

A Marlin 30-30 20" Blue Birchwood Walnut Finish goes for about $325.00. There is also websites that sell them for around $385.00 with shipping included. If you can find one that is around $300.00 or lower it is a good deal but is most likely going to just be a stock gun, but a good deal nonetheless.


Answer by  Roland (65)

If you're expecting to get this gun brand new, I would expect to spend around $200 to $300. The local pawn shops may have some good deals.

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yeah right they cost 479.00 in oklahoma use the net to figure out prices  add a comment

Answer by  Jon65 (787)

It depends if you are buying this gun new or used. Typically the gun sells for $250 to $350 dollars depending on the features included in the weapon.

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