Question by  tbach0729 (30)

What can I do to stop Excel showing formulas in cells?

I want to see values.


Answer by  GreenMonster (27)

Copy the range of cells in question. Then, you want to paste them back in place as Values. (One way is through Paste Special in the Edit menu, then choosing Values from the dialog box.


Answer by  holmdeal (58)

Press "control" and the "tilde" button. Press CTRL (plus) ~. On most keyboards the tilde button is below the escape key next to the "1/! " button.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Click on the Tools menu and select Options. In the Options dialog box, select the View tab. Under the section labeled Window options, click on the Formulas check box to enable it. Click on the OK button. The hot key to switch is Control + left apostrophe (`). This will toggle the settings for you.

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