Question by  mjoregongolfpro (24)

What can I do for mastitis in Boxers who have pups?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Take the dog to the veterinarian immediately to determine and treat the cause of the mastitis. Otherwise, her milk production may cease. In the meantime, monitor the puppies closely to make sure that they have not contracted any sort of infection.


Answer by  Rivka (217)

Mastitis is an inflammation of one or more mammary glands in female dogs. In order to prevent sick puppies, place adhesive tape over the nipple of the of the gland to prevent nursing. Affected glands should be milked three to four times a day. Also treat infection with antibiotics.


Answer by  franco (32)

Mastitis is a common disease in this type of dogs, is recommendable in this case, that you see an specialist if you care about your boxer health. You could see a veterinarian in the first case, because this kind of disease is not something light, and then could be good to see a trainer.

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