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Question by  Elroy115 (10)

What can I do about food stuck in hole after a tooth extraction?

It just annoys me.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You shouldn't chew on that side until the hole is fully sealed. Don't poke in the hole when you go to get it out. Use your tongue.


Answer by  thomasta1 (61)

You can get a plastic syringe with a curved "needle" (its not really a needle, just plastic). I would reccomend putting a warm salt water mixture into the syringe and gently flushing it out so as not to infect and inflame the spot where your tooth was removed.


Answer by  Yen (320)

You will have to rinse out frequently after you eat. It will get better, as the extraction site will start closing up. The hole will get smaller and smaller till it heals completely.


Answer by  cubanchick (188)

If food is stuck in the hole after a tooth extraction, you can gurgle water and spit it out, or you can pick out the food with a toothpick.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Do not attempt to pick it out. Dentists typically recommend that you rinse your mouth to remove any food or debri that may be lodged.

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