Question by  Robs4thecubs (422)

What can I do about bumps in between my thighs?


Answer by  Emily19 (25)

Sometimes, bumps in between thighs can be caused by thighs rubbing together when walking or running. To prevent these bumps from occurring, make sure to wear something over your thighs (such as nylons or pants) or put antiperspirant in the affected area before walking or running.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

Well, it depends what those bumps are. If they are only between your thighs and you wear a lot of jeans, I would think it is ingrown hairs.


Answer by  NurseB (513)

This is due to heat and friction. Wear cotton pants so that your legs do not sweat and rub together. Use a hydrocortizone cream or corn starch to clear rash.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

If one has bumps between ones thighs, it is due sweating and rubbing between thighs bumps appear. Always it will be wet at that part. So always keep that part dry. Apply powder now and then. Make sure that the powder does not get into ones private parts because powder will cause irritation.

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