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Question by  maggie711 (285)

What can be done for a distended gallbladder?

I don't want surgery.


Answer by  mhmmegan (165)

There are many things you can do, without surgery, to help a distended gallbladder. You can try a non-fat or low-fat diet. No fast food or any grease should be consumed. You should make a habit to consume water regularly, and eat vegetables as well. Basically, the main key is to have a healthy diet to help with the gallbladder.


Answer by  hillb1 (23)

Try a non-fat or low-fat diet. No grease, no fast food. Make sure to drink a lot of water regularly, and eat more leafy greens. A healthy diet is key to living a full and healthy life. In addition, increase your daily physical activity. Make sure that any extreme changes are monitored by your doctor or a licensed nutritionist.


Answer by  Moma123 (1043)

For 3 to 4 days, only combined fresh juice of beet, carrot and cucumber, 100ml each should be taken twice daily, followed by fruit diet. It will reduce all problems related to gallbladder. Pear juice is also very effective. Sould avoid meat, eggs, animal fats, fried and greasy food.


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

There are some less invasive treatments available other than surgery. Medications to help shrink the size of the gall bladder are available but do not always give significant relief to the patient.


Answer by  pambam (892)

If there are no gallstones it may not be necessary to remove it. You might ask your doctor for furter tests. First, ask for a 24 hour ph study to make sure you don't have GERD or gastroparesis. A gastric emptying scan could also show other issues. These tets would be recommended anyway before surgery.

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