Question by  onecrore (196)

What are whole foods?

I am not asking about the supermarket of the same name, but rather the term "whole foods. "


Answer by  hegde (161)

Whole foods are those foods that come with no added ingredients, no polish, no artificial color and flavor. They are not organic food. Fruits and vegetables without polish on and some unprocessed meat, fish, poultry may be considered as whole foods.


Answer by  Cubberley (69)

Food that is not refined or processed. Whole foods do not have added ingredients like sugar or fat. Fruit, meat, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes are all whole foods.


Answer by  thangam (95)

Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined before we consuming. Other wise processed and refined as little as possible. Which means do not contain any added ingredients, such as sugar, salt,pepper in a food.


Answer by  calcutta (168)

Whole foods are foods that are unrefined and unprocessed... This includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Processed foods (which make up most of what you find in the supermarket) are decidedly not whole foods.

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