Question by  baba73 (22)

What are the symptoms of Rainers disease?

What are the tests for it?


Answer by  lianne (6)

Rainer disease is a disease effecting the bloodflow to the smaller parts of your body like your nose, ears, fingers and toes. Inactivity can cause complications like heart failure.


Answer by  tagme87 (96)

Rainer's disease is a vascular disorder which affects the extremities. Some tests that are done to assess the presence/severity of Rainer's disease include blood tests, antibody screenings, a Doppler ultrasound, a full blood count, and a test of thyroid function.


Answer by  Connie45 (1110)

Did you mean Raynaud's disease? If so, it's a circulatory disorder. Fingers and hands turn red, white, and blue in response to cold. This is visible.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

Some of the symptoms include discoloration of the fingers and toes. They may turn purple of even yellow. Rainers disease, or Raynauds Disease, can be detected with a simple blood test.


Answer by  Anonymous

someone told me it was due to flu vaccine? I have a bad toe. a pressure ulcer..could this be cause?

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