Question by  balagi (7)

What are the high temperatures for Pittsburgh PA?

I am moving there soon.


Answer by  EchoC (553)

July and August are the hottest months in Pittsburgh. The average high temperature ranges from 81-82 degrees in these months. The record highs are 100-103 degrees.


Answer by  worker3742 (208)

The average high temperature in Pittsburgh in July is at 83 degrees Fahrenheit. For the average high in January it is on average 34 degrees Fahrenheit. These two are the largest differential averages in temperature. On average throughout the entire year you will see the high temperature around 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Answer by  BrianSJ (524)

Average high temperatures in Pittsburgh range from 37 degrees in January to 85 degrees in July. The average for the entire year is 62 degrees.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

The temperature range in Pittsburgh during the summer goes from low 60's in June to the high 80's in August. But the temperature is realtive like any place else its not the heat but the humdity. During the summer the humdity can rach into the 90% range which makes the high temp hotter.


Answer by  BethBirder (232)

Pittsburgh sees its warmest weather in July, when the average high temperature is about 83deg F. It can reach the lower 90's, though, and the all-time high was 101!


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

Pittsburgh weather is quite nice actually. In the winter the temperatures range around 35 to 40 but then in the summer months the temperatures reach the mid 80's and stay around that range for the entire summer. 85 is about the highest temperature in July. Spring and fall average in the 70's.

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