Question by  brianna (24)

What are the different types of discharge from the navy?


Answer by  SomethingElse (68)

Discharge from any branch of the United States Armed Forces can be either honorable, meaning that the service member's obligations were fully fulfilled, dishonorable, meaning that they were expelled for misconduct, or other-than-honorable, which means that while no official misdeed was proven, the service member did not leave the service on good terms.


Answer by  GeorgeH (179)

The three kinds of discharge from the Navy are the honorable discharge, the dishonorable discharge, and the Bad Conduct Discharge or BCD.


Answer by  amber85 (147)

There are five kinds. First is honorable, which mean you have been injured in the line of duty or have received an award for meritorious service. Second is general discharge. Third is other than honorable. Fourth is bad conduct. Fifth is dishonorable, and you only receive it by court martial.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

Honorable, general - which is under honorable, bad, dishonorable, and other than honorable. You will get honorable discharge if you were disabled because of and during your service, or if you recieve any rewards for exceptional service or actions.


Answer by  sneh (42)

TYPES OF DISCHARGE 1. Honorable 2. General (under honorable conditions) 3. Other than honorable 4. Bad conduct 5. Dishonora


Answer by  Fleshj (403)

The types of discharges from the Navy are the same as other services: Honorable (you did good with no serious problems), General (made small mistakes, maybe recieved an Article 15), and Other Than Honorable (Dishonorable service, normally convicted of a serious crime)

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