Question by  JohnnyUniteUs (174)

What are some signs that my rottweiler is pregnant?


Answer by  enlightened (206)

The mother-to-be rottweiler shows changes in the nipple (they become larger and more pink). She shows other non-specific changes when she is pregnant, but these are unreliable - changes in appetite and behaviour. The belly may become more prominent when she has a large litter or with advancing pregnancy.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

If you saw your dog tie/mate with a male its very likely she is pregnant. Early on you will see the vulva stays enlarged and the nipples on the mammary glands may protrude. You may see a sticky clear discharge around week five or so indicating pups are present in the uterus.


Answer by  Domdom (113)

Depending on the stage of gestation, you may notice some of the following symptoms: enlarging or darkening of the nipples, as well as hair loss or thinning around them; morning sickness or loss of appetite; heartbeats in the abdomen audible with a stethascope; restlessness or excessive grooming.

Reply by benji (165):
This is eerie! Forgive me if I am wrong, but don't human beings have the very same symptoms??!!  add a comment

Answer by  theblip (295)

Most of the early changes are quite vague and an amateur could easily mistake even normal stuff as signs as the rottweiler is pregnant. It's best to get a trained vet to palpate (feel) the tummy and also confirm the pregnancy with a blood test or even a tummy scan.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

If her nipples are getting bigger and are filling with milk it one of the first signs. When her stomach starts to grow you know she is pregnant.


Answer by  manamana (203)

When a rottweiler is pregnant, one of the first things you will notice is that her appetite increases, she's calmer and her nipples are bigger.


Answer by  virginia11 (57)

Just like with a person, the dogs belly will grow exponentially. Also she will not run around and play as much, and instead get lots of rest and get comfortable and ready for her pups.

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