Question by  IsquirtbutitfeelslikeIampeeing (28)

What are some good salt substitutes?

My doctor said I should use one.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

I love the "Mrs. Dash" line of salt substitutes. The original one is great for general cooking - meat, poultry, veg, salads. There are also "theme" blends that are useful for Italian cooking and other cuisines. I keep the Mrs. Dash shaker right on the dining room table - even the kids like it!


Answer by  love94002 (37)

A good salt substitute that is commercially sold is Mrs. Dash. They have many varieties and flavors however which way you would like to season your food such as adding an Asian flair to a robust Italian seasoning.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

In terms of actual salt "flavor", there is no real substitute although sea salt has slightly less sodium than regular table salt. When people talk about salt substitutes they usually mean products like Mrs. Dash or other herb blends that provide some flavor without sodium.


Answer by  mesh (351)

Salt substitutes are typically potassium chloride instead sodium chloride. Typical substitues are Nusalt, Celery Seed, Spike or Mrs Dash Blends. All are essentially removing the sodium and replacing it with another alternative.

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