Question by  Yosei (11)

What are some good foods for an 11-month-old baby to eat?


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Babies at a year old can start 'playing' with food. Sweet potato is a traditional choice as are slices of moist red potato or winter squash, both cold and warm. Avocado and other soft fruits are popular, also refried beans and rice. Babies whose mothers eat spicy foods will, too.


Answer by  arpitbathma01 (262)

diet containing salad, soups, rice, vegetables and the cereals is best for a growing boy along with that the milk also plays the most important part


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Try and stick with easy foods for them to feed themselves, pancakes, fruits and vegetables. Chicken, anything that is considered finger food.


Answer by  str8upcutie83 (471)

Most toddler this age have enough teeth to eat almost the same things adults eat. You can try scrambled eggs, grits, cheerios in milk, rice with small kernels, macaroni, bits of chicken, cut up veggies. Basically give them things that are softer than you would eat them and small so that they do not choke.


Answer by  meridian (466)

When my daughter was 11 months, she loved scrambled eggs and beans (She didn't have a lot of teeth so we would puree them. ) Also stage 3 Gerber food.

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