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What are my odds of having twins if my sister did?


Answer by  ewilliamsuk (33)

According to research, the odds of two sisters having twins are approximately 1 in 80 pregnancies. This is if both pregnancies were conceived naturally without any medical intervention. The odds of two sisters being pregnant at the same time with twins are around 1 in 6,000 - 7,000 pregnancies.

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I gave birth to fraternal twin 01/26/2009 girl/boy my sister gave birth to idenical boys 10/02/2009. She was 19 I was 22 no medical help.  add a comment
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Well, it happened in our family! We have ONE set of twins THREE generations back on my husband's side, yet two of our daughters wound up being pregnant with fraternal twins at the same time! :)  add a comment
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My daughters were both pregnant with twins at the same time ! One delivered in May 2012 and the other daughter is due December 2012. My fiances daughter due with twins November 2012. Very Exciting !!!  add a comment

Answer by  Rose (6804)

If your sister had identical twins then you have the same odds as anyone else as it is a fluke and not determined by genes etc. However if your sister had fraternal twins your chances are significantly higher than those who do not as this is considered to be passed down.


Answer by  andaman (240)

I think this is a case just like flipping a coin... the odds of one toss are not affected by the preceding or following coin tosses. Each pregnancy has a slight chance of resulting in twins, and the chances are low (unless you are using some fertility techniques)


Answer by  PfcxFlynn (19)

Your odds of having twins do not increase, nor do they decrease if your relative (sister) gives birth to twins.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am one of 7 kids - all single births. Me and two of my sisters each have twins - three sisters all have twins.


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i had identical twin girls and now my sister is having fratnal twins what are the odds in that

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