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Question by  jlazar9 (42)

What are bicentennial Kennedy half dollars worth?

I have several of these.


Answer by  greggsamssa (32)

It depends on whether you have the much more rare silver-clad or the copper-nickel-clad version of the Bicentennial Kennedy half dollars. In the first case, depending on the collector you sell them to, you should get 3 to 10 dollars, in case of the copper-nickel-clad version, 1 to 3 dollars.


Answer by  AEF (519)

I hate to tell you but they're worth 50 cents UNLESS they're a proof. Proofs are coins specifically made for collectors and would be in a special case.


Answer by  BrianSJ (524)

A 1976 bicentennial Kennedy half dollar that is not made from silver alloy, and most of them were not, is worth no more than face value unless it is in very good condition (MS-65 or more). The silver in a 40% silver Kennedy half would now be worth about $3.


Answer by  Jim95 (73)

They are worth anywhere from 1 dollar to 5 dollar depending on the marks they have on the dollars. So be sure to check.

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