Question by  pbtollient (29)

What airlines fly to Michigan?


Answer by  heatherfriend (171)

Most all airlines fly to Michigan. What city they fly to would be important. Research this further and you can find a complete list of airlines that fly to Michigan.


Answer by  AnnCarol (34)

There are many including Delta,United,Spirit,U.S.Airways,Qatar,Southwest,and AirTran. A great place to start to find all airlines that fly into that state, access the internet or contact your local travel agency. If you have a particular airline in mind you can also check their main homepage on the internet where it will list all destinations that they fly in and out of.


Answer by  ahh5325 (23)

South west airlines and united fly down there. Southwest is great. it's the best flight that goes down there. I'd fly with them. In general, there service is really good.


Answer by  Tine77 (21)

Michigan has smaller and larger airports. If you choose a larger airport, like the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), which is also an international airport, you can get with nearly every larger airline to Michigan.

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