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Question by  majohannes (2)

Should my hand be tingling and throbbing after 2nd degree burns?

A week later


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I would actually be pleased at the tingling, your nerves are telling you that they are waking up and checking in for service. The throbbing, however, bothers me a bit. That is pain, pure and simple. Do you have swelling still? Or discharge, pus? Please be seen again for followup.


Answer by  BAXTER1 (78)

This sensation a week after a burn of this degree is not unusual. The skin which protects the nerves below the epidermis is no longer intact. The subsequent exposure of the minute nerve endings may continue to cause this sensation


Answer by  Shaladox (9)

No, it should not. This is quite possibly indicative of nerve damage, and you should see a doctor about the situation.


Answer by  q2003 (15)

A second degree burn can be painful for several days, depending the severity of the burn and how large of an area. You should ask a doctor to be sure.

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