Question by  Becca68 (9)

Should I worry that my oil boiler furnace smells?


Answer by  dsmith42 (371)

Yes. If you can smell it, then it means that the flue gases are leaking back into your utility room. This gas probably contains carbon monoxide in addition to the gases you are smelling. Carbon monoxide is deadly and odorless, so get your furnace inspected immediately.


Answer by  Anonymous

A sulfur smell> is a 'cracked Head..low flame.. and burned nozzle ' I just had my Miller -oil furnace repaired !! ( i'm sure this helps ! Dave.. *dodobird*


Answer by  rathalosslayer (221)

It could be cause to worry. If it smells like something is leaking you definitely should get it checked out immediately. There are usually many safety devices in place but you can never be too careful. Check all tubing and see if you can pinpoint where the smell is coming from then shut it off and call a technician.


Answer by  Atil (130)

It is perfectly normal for an oil boiler furnace to smell oil because that is what is inside the furnace in the first place.

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