Question by  cdeboard (15)

Should I date a man who still talks to his ex wife?


Answer by  dave90 (63)

It all depends on what he is talking to her about. There is nothing wrong with a man contiunuing to have a relationship with an ex wife where the relationship is simply supportive and helps to avoid conflict. But if the conversations clearly indicate that he continues to have feelings, that is a problem.


Answer by  Josi (65)

You should absolutely date a man who still talks to his ex wife, especially if he has children with her. Even if he doesn't have children with her, the ability to maintain a friendship with his former spouse shows maturity and the fact that they are able to maintain communication tells you that his former relationship was not horrible.


Answer by  pammy (42)

It's a glance into his character that he is still able to communicate with her. If he didn't talk to her then you should be concerned, because he could be the type of person who holds a grudge.Examine your feelings to ensure that it's not jealousy.


Answer by  Lisa66 (188)

I think it depends. If he has children with her, absolutely! If not, then I would go to an event or a party with him where she is also in attendance and watch their interaction. If you observe flirting between them - I'd head the other direction!

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