Question by  YellowCar (87)

My dog has scabs that smell. What could cause this?


Answer by  april1981 (59)

If a dog has a scab that smells, this could indicate an infection. The dog should be taken to a veterinarian immediately, in order to prevent possible severe infections that could lead to death. It could also mean that the dog simply rolled in pooh or other smelly items from the yard.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

A foul odor associated with cuts or seeping scabs is a sign of a serious infection. Cleanse the wounded area with peroxide and get the dog to a vet.


Answer by  doglover55 (126)

If it is multiple scabs and loss of hair this could be MANGE. This is EXTREMELY contagious even to humans and you should take it to the vet immediately. If it is only a couple this could just be a bacterial infection in the wound that you should treat accordingly.


Answer by  ganesh1 (12)

It is a simple blood test that will let you know for sure what she is allergic to. It may be either a food allergy or something environmental.

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