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Question by  impulse (35)

Is uterus donation possible?


Answer by  pambam (892)

While there has been some success amongst animals of successful uterine transplants, this has rarely been successful in humans. The uterus is not considered a donatable organ by medical facilities.


Answer by  worker31 (37)

Yes, but there has not yet been an successful uterus transplant performed. Like any transplant there would be anti-rejection medications that the individual would have to take for their entire life and that doesn't mean the body won't reject the uterus.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Uterus donation is possible in modern science, if the donator and the patient have the same blood group and only if they pass tissue transplant test. But uterus transplant testis not so easy and common like a blood or a kindney transplant. But uterus donation is absolutely possible in modern medical science.


Answer by  HappyMe (34)

The first transplant/donation was in 1918 with no success. A case in Saudia Arabia in 2000 was also a failure. Both were done on women whom had cancer treatments.

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