Question by  Roland27 (16334)

Is there any meaning behind scorpion tattoos?

I see these tattoos on a lot of people, is it a symbol of something?


Answer by  kilua (86)

Scorpion symbol of spiritual strength against the temptations of the self. It symbolizes the spirit of warlike, aggressive, faith sacrifice, Tattoos are a symbol of strength, personality and sometimes... to enemy, intimidation.


Answer by  Taz (193)

It can be many things, for some it's their zodiac sign. For others scorpions are a talisman to protect agains evil. For some it's the sign of familly protection. In some cultures the scorpion is a symbol of medicine. In Egypt it's supposed to help give birth. And to some it's just beautiful.


Answer by  crstanley (18)

Scorpion tattoos are often associated with the prison gang Aryan Brotherhood. Also could be for astronomical sign of scorpio, which is very common as well.

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