Question by  shannon (24)

Is there a way that a parakeet can learn so many words that you can have a conversation with it?


Answer by  Desine (427)

Unfortunately, no. Parakeets can't carry on a conversation, just respond to trained cues. You can't have a conversation with them any more than you can with a tape recorder.


Answer by  Brooke92 (61)

No, they can't learn enough vocabulary. Also, they do not really "talk"; they simply mimic. Their cognitive abilities are not at a high enough level to converse with them as you would a human. Only apes can use language in anything like the way humans do. Even that is controversial.


Answer by  JennFormer (78)

When parakeets speak, they are only mimicking sounds which they have heard, or which people have taught them. Since they do not understand the words they are saying, putting them together in coherent sentences to have "conversations" with humans is impossible.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Parakeets can learn to mimic a lot of sounds, enough so that you can train it to have certain preset conversations with the bird. You can teach it to respond appropriately to questions with one word answers. However, a parakeet has a very limited intelligence, and will assign only limited meaning to each word.


Answer by  BreeKL (138)

Though you can conceiveably teach a parakeet many words, there is no way to hold a conversation with a bird. They will not respond correctly to normal conversation. It will learn to respond with certain words to certain things you say, but it will not be thinking about what to say and respond correctly.


Answer by  ofnik (409)

Theoretically yes they can learn words to have a "conversation" (they do not really talk to you, repeat sounds) but the chances of that occurring with parakeets is very low in reality (most of them do not say any words).


Answer by  TheGrandWazoo (121)

Not really, but you can teach him certain words such as "hello" and "how are you?" so that you can have a fake conversation with it. Sorry


Answer by  Bonnie (89)

Budgies (parakeets) are known to be one of the better talking birds. Make words meaningful to him by verbally labeling everything you give him, i.e. "toy", "treat", etc. Eventually you may be able to converse with him as you would a two year old human child.


Answer by  wantnot (305)

Many times parrots, including parakeets, use language appropriately. For example, your bird might say "hello" to greet you and "bye bye" when you leave, or call family members by name, or ask for food. It's meaningful language, but not necessarily conversation.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Parakeet's lack the brain size and memory for full speech.But all is not lost they can learn a few basic words.They lack the brain size of other talking bird specie's.

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