Question by  arunil (66)

Is there a pill to reduce high testosterone?


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

There are pills which block the production of testosterone like Flutamide[5-alpha reductase inhibitor] which may be useful against prostatic disease.


Answer by  Amy2187 (16)

There is not a pill that is capable of reducing testosterone levels. There is, however, an injection called Zolodex that will do the trick.


Answer by  syedimran (30)

Ofcourse there are many pills available arount the world which can reduce the high testosterone. So just feel free to go to the drugist. More over concern with the doctor for the future safety and how to use the pills correctly. Use the pills and you can easily overcome the high testosterone.


Answer by  ShawnL19 (310)

There is not a pill that will lower testosterone levels per say. A birth control pill can have an effect on testosterone levels though. Estrogen pills, creams, or patches can also help offset some of the effects of high testosterone levels. Dietary changes can also help lower the amount. A doctor can help decide which is best for you.

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