Question by  DrD75 (128)

Is the Peace Beanie Baby valuable today?

I have one I would love to sell.


Answer by  dakotalee (126)

Beanie babies are very valuable today depending on how rare they are. If your peace beanie baby is the one introduced in May, 1997 then it is worth around $22 American dollars. Although it depends where the bear was manufactured. The rarest ones were manufactured in Indonesia so check if there is a tag which indicates where it was made.


Answer by  Dave2560 (204)

I feel that a Peace Beanie Baby would be valuable depending on where one tries to sell it. This is true for anything someone sells. I would try Ebay or a similar online site, as there are plenty of dedicated collectors of all sorts of things on sites like that.


Answer by  starr (93)

It's more valuable today then it was then, but I wouldn't expect a whole lot for it if you took it to a shop and sold it. Try on Amazon or Ebay and see if anyone is interested in one. You'd be expected to get more money from someone that is looking for one.


Answer by  mrbojiggler (181)

Checking online, I found that your beanie baby COULD be worth about $20, assuming it is in new condition and original packaging. However it could be worth less a $1.

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