Question by  MechanicalTurk58 (10)

Is the Numark Battle Pack okay for a beginner?


Answer by  Dean (4035)

It depends on the age of the user, the plans of the user and the budget of the party who is purchasing. If it's affordable, get it.


Answer by  JediDrumer (90)

For someone who has just become interested in mixing and scratching, this would be acceptable. For a DJ who wants to regularly work in clubs and/or record, this is should not be recommended. As with all instruments, a beginner can start with just about anything, and as the musician builds on their skill, they can invest more.


Answer by  MrMcFisty (5)

Starting out with ANYTHING can be hard, but with the Numark Battle Pack, you can be on your way right from the get-go!


Answer by  seifchourbagi (9)

Yes the Numark Battle Pack is okay for a beginner because the mixer is composed of very basic commands that allow the beginner to initiate his mixing experience in the easiest way as possible.

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