Question by  balamuralijul14yahoocoin86 (17)

Is olive oil good for a dog's dry skin?


Answer by  shotgun7 (69)

Olive oil is good and safe. Also, if you are giving it alot of baths with flea and tick shampoo that will dry out his skin super fast. You might also try mixing in a couple eggs, some fat or larde in his dog food. that will really help his coat.


Answer by  dogsinblue (66)

I would recommend giving your dog some kind of fish oil instead of olive oil. You can buy the capsules of salmon oil for people or you could go to a specialty pet food store which have many options for skin care. But every dog is different so try different products to find the best one for your dog.


Answer by  april1981 (59)

Olive oil can be good for a dog's dry skin, if you feed it to them. Like most people, during the winter dogs will require more hydration to prevent dandruff. By adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the dog's meal, this will help limit the dandruff.


Answer by  Sixglint (20)

Olive oil is good for a dogs skin and coat because it helps restore moisture. If you drip oil over the dog food, your dog will take in the oil by eating it.

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