Question by  worker2958 (36)

Is L'Oreal Preference better than L'Oreal Excellence? If so, why?

I have used both and don't notice any difference.


Answer by  kaylalynn (91)

L'Oreal Preference is not much different than Excellence, however it is creamier, and leaves a more silky feeling in the hair. While Excellence seems to hydrate the hair, it would seem that preference would over hydrate making the hair feel oily, but that is far from the truth. Excellence can make the hair feel too dry.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

L'Oreal Preference uses a liquid developer while L'Oreal Excellence uses a creme developer. Creme is supposed to be less harmful and more conditioning to your hair, promoting less damage to your hair.


Answer by  sam2226 (57)

I think i prefer L'oreal Excellence.I used it both and i prefer it.By reading it you can already now what to use.Preference meaning prefered and Excellence meaning excellent.But still both are nice.

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