Question by  apple (447)

Is it unhealthy to wear high heels?


Answer by  lindsay (111)

There is a difference between unhealthy and unsafe. Just like all things, a little bit of anything in moderation is rarely a threat to your health. They certainly can be dangerous, though. I know someone who broke her ankle because of a bad meeting of curb and heel.


Answer by  sarah64 (14)

I would not say that wearing high heels is unhealthy, however it is bad for your feet. I have known of people that have constantly worn high heels and the arches in their feet have been messed up because of this. Now, they cannot stand flat on their feet. They have to wear high heels all of the time.


Answer by  sightlistener (24)

Wearing too high of a heel could cause one to lose their balance and risk an injury by falling down. Toes, arches and backs also suffer from wearing high heels.


Answer by  dennis (20)

Yes, it is unhealthy to wear high heels. It forces the body to arc in an unnatural way. It also places undue pressue on the feet. People wearing high heel are handicapping themselves and are unstable when walking. They will have greater chance of tripping and twisting their feet.


Answer by  lalan (17)

Wearing high heels compells the user walk in an unnatural way. High heels doesn't allow the user to put his/her feet flat on the ground which is unhealthy.


Answer by  Xombicide (99)

Podiatrists say high heels can put pressure on your toes causing nasty bunions. They can also cause back, knee and ankle problems. Not to mention the risk of falling down.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes it is. Because with heels, our feet take a specific shape. The shape of the sole.

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