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Question by  Haylie (84)

Is it common to have a cough with atrial fibrillation?


Answer by  Pericles (28)

The atrial fibrillation can cause a failure in the left cavities of the heart, leading to an increased pulmonary pressure, which can cause cough.


Answer by  sasser1102 (198)

Yes, because many cardiac issues can cause an acute cough. Haven't you ever had a chronic cough that caused additional chest pain?


Answer by  techno (95)

It is more common in older people and a possible symptom of heart disease. If remain for prolonged time period, this can lead to a heart failure.


Answer by  nehashah (1)

yes it is a commnon to have a cough because it causes headche and sweeling to nose and it cause fever also so its great that nothing should happen to work

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