Question by  ek32 (11)

Is it biblical to celebrate birthdays?


Answer by  Sanguine36 (30)

Yes, and St. Paul talks specifically in the epistles about this issue. He says that "some people accept certain days as holier (or more special) than others, while others think all days are the same. " Then he admonishes the church he is writing to, not to even argue about issues like this, also including things like abstaining from pork, etc.


Answer by  rilyalune (185)

It is not Biblical to celebrate birthdays, but it is not against the bible either. The celebration of birthdays is a customary thing, in which people can acknowledge another passing year of their life.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

I can't think of any verses that address celebrating birthdays. I also can't thing of any that prohibit it. I think it's ok to celebrate important dates in our lives.


Answer by  vangie (118)

Yes, from the beginning, in Genesis, creation is celebrated. Jesus' birth is fortold for many generations and the Magi travel to adore him. Stages are celebrated, such as, babies being presented at the temple on the 40th day and circumcision of boys on the 8th day. The slaughter of the innocents suggests attention was given to a person's birth.

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