Question by  CarExpert (23)

If she fell out of love will it come back?

Tell me about girls falling in and out of love.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I believe so, yes, but it does depend on the individual, and what happened for her to fall out of love. My advice would be to try and win her back by sweeping her off of her feet.


Answer by  crasks (99)

Girls do not easily fall in love but when they do, it lasts. If for any reason your girl falls out of love, you must have done something big to hurt her. The only way to mend that is to make yourself a fool before her. Show her lots of love and really humble yourself. It will likely work.


Answer by  MandyDandy79 (47)

As with anything every girl is different. It takes a lot for a girl to fall either in or out of love with a man. It really depends on the situation in which the relationship ended, as to whether she were over you even at all or just saying she was.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It depends on the person. Most of the time if a girl falls out of love they usually wont fall back into it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Depends what the person did.

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