Question by  aadal (12)

How to calculate maturity date in excel?

I need the formula for calculating maturity date in excel.


Answer by  Charlton (192)

You should be more specific for which financial instrument you want to calculate. Usually, maturity date is the given parameter and you calculate the financial results out of that. And this is different for different products.


Answer by  yagomtv (37)

GO to function box and formulate your function there. And here's the formula: maturity date = date of plan * money paid


Answer by  a28 (212)

First, you can open your files and then fo to the function box and formulate your function there. Maturity date formula can be calculated by this: Maturity date=date of plan * money payed. Depending on the maturity date in your contract, for example 5 yrs and then multiply 60 months to price payed for a month


Answer by  gigo (1706)

You easily can calculate with dates like with numbers. So if you want to count how many days it is till something expires just enter =date()-MATURITYDATE. MATURITYDATE is the expire date.


Answer by  wan86 (4)

emina received a 120-day promissory note on 12 january 2010 with an interest rate of 4% per annum of simple interest. after 62 days,she discounted the note at a discount rate of 2% and received proceeds of rm11,000.50.. i) the maturity date


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

To find the maturity date you would need to do the following formula: =RATE(B5*B8,B3/B8*B2,-B10,B2)*B8 Remember to change the value if more money is added


Answer by  gskv (15)

today() to calculate the date of the spreadsheet. in one column i am using for maturity dates for rrsp's. days left between today and the date of maturity in order to calculate the current value i used =DAYS360(S2,M6) where s2 contains the today() m6 contains the maturity date in the sheet.

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