Question by  AmirLuskyTinyBoy (229)

How should I take care of my finger that got smashed in a door?


Answer by  reddawg (46)

There is little to nothing to do about a finger that has been hurt in this manner. If it has torn skin then you should put antibiotic cream on it and bandage it up and let it heal, if on the other hand it is broken then see a doctor.


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

Purchase a finger splint and place it on your finger to ensure that if its broken, it sets properly and keep it on ice to dull the pain.


Answer by  Pricilla (35)

Soaking a smashed finger in cold water will reduce swelling. Tylenol would help you until the pain subsides. Most smashed fingers do not require much medical care.


Answer by  steph37 (19)

When taking care of a smashed finger, you should wrap it with medical/surgical tape found at a local drugstore. Wrap it to the closets finger on that same hand. This helps keep you from moving the finger, keeping you from injuring it even worse, especially if you have broken the knuckle.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The best ting to do for swelling is to soak the finger in warm water, rest it and elevate it.

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