Question by  Dirttrackracer75 (24)

How should I dress to become cool?


Answer by  Katie46 (54)

This sounds lame but dressing in whatever makes you happy is... the best. If you're really that concerned with dressing to other people's standards, the ghetto sort of rap style seems to be a style, but I frown upon it. You know, guys that wear extremely loose pants. And for girls... eh, just about anything. Watch some rap videos.


Answer by  mhbat (217)

The coolest people are cool by not trying too hard to be cool or act like they're trying too hard. Read fashion magazines, stay with the trends, but be yourself.


Answer by  sarah72 (61)

To remain cool, dress in light layers made of thin material. You can also opt for short-sleeved shirts or tanks, as well as shorts or a skirt.


Answer by  fiendishredhead (179)

Dress in a manner that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Being cool is an attitude more than it is an outfit or material belongings. If you like yourself and what you represent, that will draw other people to you.


Answer by  Dinagirl (182)

Dress something unusual! Something that only you with your attitude would use! It's like the expression of you...


Answer by  alz (2329)

That depends on your definition of "cool". Personally, I think the best way to look cool is by dressing in a chic way. If you are a girl, this means a lot of dresses/skirts and heels. These should preferably be in darker shades because they exude more power and the heels should have a pointed toe.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

You should try to create an original style that flatters your body-type. While keeping up with fads can garner you temporary favor, you will in all honesty be doing the same thing as everyone else. Find clothing that expresses who you are uniquely, make sure it looks good, and stick with it, even when some people don't care for it.

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