Question by  mtlzr (20)

How can I dress better?

I am not a good dresser and I don't know how to get better.


Answer by  Antimony (62)

First, figure out what colors and intensities work with your complexion--guides are available online. Observe people whose fashions you admire, and identify the pieces they wear. Imitate your favorites.


Answer by  alishamcfadden (106)

I woulf first ask dress"better" by what standards. Everyone has their own unique look. But, If your clothing is possibly stopping you from receiving a promotion at work then we shall work on that problem. My suggestion is to first buy your basic pieces and build your wardrobe from there.


Answer by  Aero (97)

Invest in using an iron for any wrinkles in clothing. If you have any pants with holes in them, please replace those, and make sure you have no stained clothing.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

First, make sure all clothes are clean and wrinkle free. Make sure colors coordinate with each other. Also make sure clothes fit well and not too big or too small.


Answer by  hopelessdope (13)

You should go through your closet and sort through it. Make two piles: things you want to keep, and things that don't fit, aren't flattering, or are ripped/stained. If it's ripped/stained, toss it. If it doesn't fit/isn't flattering, give it away to good will.


Answer by  alz (2329)

To dress better, you have to define a personal style. Do you want to be edgy, cute, mature, etc. Once you have an idea, then look for staple pieces in that style, such as a great pari of jeans, black pants, black skirt, etc. You want to pair great pieces around them that are versatile and make you stand out.


Answer by  akaribear (35)

First: Make sure to try on YOUR size. Not too small and not too big. Second: take your time. It takes a while to shop, so DON'T rush it.

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