Question by  GrandMonkey (22)

How much water should a 3 month old puppy drink?


Answer by  Pineapple7 (260)

Although I am not a Veterinarian, I am a pet owner and animal lover. I would recommend putting a small bowl of water out somewhere, available for your puppy to drink when needed. Puppies and dogs will drink when they feel thirsty. If it shows excessive thirst- call a Veterinarian.


Answer by  Anonymous

As much as they want to. Leave fresh, clean water for your puppy. He knows how much to drink.


Answer by  Lola (20)

A puppy should be allowed to have access to as much water as they feel thirsty for. There are several factors that could contribute to how much they drink. For instance, their activity level, the type of food the puppy is eating, the size of the dog, etc.

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