Question by  curlyqcomposer (18)

How much vinegar should be used to lower the ph in my pond?


Answer by  nsathishkumar4rediffcom (19)

According to your pond size it varies. Better another method is to testing ph after adding small quantities of vinegar etc.


Answer by  kakoe (989)

It depends on the size of your pond, and the wildlife in it. It is recommended not to use too much vinegar in ponds that contain fish because you could kill them. For very small backyard ponds one cup of white vinegar works. For ponds big enough to swim in, I would use 8 cups, spread evenly around the edge.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

There is not a cut and dry formula for using vinegar to lower the ph level. Try pouring a cup in and retesting, adding more if needed.


Answer by  Macro (122)

It all depends on how large the pond is, but a good rule of thumb is for every 5 square feet use a tablespoon of vinegar. That can vary depending on how much you need to lower the ph balance, and if you have sensitive fish.

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