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Question by  Ray (57)

How much is a Buffalo nickel from 1936 worth?


Answer by  apeter04 (9)

A buffalo nickel is worth approximately 35-40 cents on coin exchange market, but that is only its monetary value. Buffalo nickels are also an important part of the history of American and Native American culture and trade systems. So, to people that collect coins the worth of a Buffalo nickel can be so much more.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

The buffalo nickel is worth any where between 35-40 cents on the market exchange.To people who collect coins is worth a lot more then money. The nickle is a big and important part of American and Native American history, on one side there is an Indian head and the other is a buffalo head. head and the other


Answer by  tlcinmn (76)

The value of a coin depends upon its condition. The values of a 1936 Buffalo nickel ranges from $1 for a coin in "about good" condition to $90 for a "mint/uncirculated" coin.

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