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Question by  Jenni (17)

How much is a 1945 penny worth?

It is in very good condition.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

The value of this coin is very minimal unless it is considered in mint state which means never handled. Otherwise its value is less than one dollar in good condition.


Answer by  Thad (45)

It depends on where your penny was minted. If it has a S and in MINT condition it is worth $5. If it's a D or P its worth $2.


Answer by  jules45 (168)

Not much; most pennies have more historical value than monetary. It's worth about $0.05 to a collector, more if it's in mint shape, or has wheat on the back.


Answer by  kalninsh12 (29)

If it is minted with a D on it, there were only 100 made in a test and they were made of a different material. The last one sold at auction for like 100,000 I think. If it has got no D on it, it is worth about 3 cents.


Answer by  blackley (64)

A 1945 penny has some value but not much between $. 25 and $5. 00 and $ 5. 00 is very high. You can sometimes raise the value by having it certified this will help you sell it on a omline auction such as ebay to. The longer you save the greater the chances that it may go up in value.


Answer by  hyperkid (470)

A 1945 penny is worth twice its amount. There so therefore your penny would be worth around three cents. The older the penny the more it is worth.


Answer by  searchall (66)

If the penny is grade VF, it is worth. 10 cents. If it is grade XF it is woth. 20 cents.

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