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Is a 1943 copper Canadian penny worth anything?


Answer by  becca63 (325)

The value of a true 1943 copper Canadian penny is worth a lot more than you will probably imagine. As of 2010 this coin was worth 200,000 dollars and I am sure since then this coin has only increased in value and will. There are only about 40 of these out there that are actually know of.

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Ummmm...Wow...then I'll go to Ebay and buy the ones on sale for less than $1. I believe the coin you are thinking of is the American 1943 copper penny.  add a comment
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ya. you must be talking about the US steel penny because a 1943 canadian penny is worth only $3.50 to $5.00.  add a comment
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i have one 1943 Canadian Pennie with Goergivs iv copper? is it worth enything?  add a comment

Answer by  dbusha1 (175)

In 1943, steel pennies were issued in the United States because of a copper shortage. Canada was not affected by this shortage--1943 Canadian copper pennies are worth a penny each.

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lies! they are worth 2.5-5 dollars!... i think...possibly...  add a comment

Answer by  river (1226)

The price ranges from .15 to .40 cents, it depends on the condition of the coin. The U.S. copper penney is much more valuable. The reason, during WWII the U.S. stopped producing copper pennies, and issued the steel penney. Canada kept producing copper during 1943.


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